Humanoid Robot Navigation Teleoperation Using NAO and Kinect (Video)

We've been following Taylor Veltrop's work integrating the Kinect with humanoid robots utilizing the Willow Garage ROS system closely, and we weren't surprised when he mentioned last night that he had just finished a new “killer video.”

You may be aware that Taylor was one of the lucky, and extremely capable, developers that were selected to participate in the NAO Developer Program via Robots Dreams. So, it was natural for Taylor to implement his Kinect based master/slave control system with the NAO robot.

But he wasn't satisfied with just to get the basic remote control functions working, he also added a great deal of autonomous operation, to the point that his NAO can act as a remote avatar capable of maneuvering around the room, picking up items from a table, and transferring them to another table across the room. Very, very cool.

How did he accomplish it? Here's the background and details, plus some mind blowing demos like slicing a banana, cutting an onion, playing chess, hammering nails, and getting a tissue out of the box:


4 thoughts on “Humanoid Robot Navigation Teleoperation Using NAO and Kinect (Video)

  1. Very interesting and incredible!

    Would be cool if there was a added head mounted display for the operator. This would help with situational awareness from the robot’s pov especially when cutting the banana.

    Anyway, what a great opportunity, keep up the good work!

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