3rd ROBO-ONE Humanoid Helper Project: More than just bipedal robots (Video)

Although the large, almost life-sized, humanoid robots like Doka Harumi tend to capture most of the public attention, the ROBO-ONE organization hasn't limited it's initiatives to only bipedal designs. Many of the events and special projects include multi-legged or wheeled robots. For example, the main event on the agenda for the first day of the ROBO-ONE Humanoid Helper Robot Project competition last month was dedicated to "Table Top" robots. The goal was to demonstrate how robotics could be utilized in a domestic, senior care, or hospital setting to provide help and assistance. The rules were fairly open and accommodating, allowing robot designers to enter a wide range of different configurations. A good example is Dynamizer TT, operated by Tomio Sugiura famous for creating the ROBO-ONE champion humanoid Dynamizer:

Purists might argue that it doesn't duplicate the functionality of a human doing the same tasks, but that is exactly the point. A washing machine doesn't clean clothes the same way that our great-grandmothers did by hand. A Roomba doesn't push around a heavy vacuum cleaner. And, a car isn't a carriage without a horse. Our robotic future is much more likely to be populated by numerous small, affordable, dedicated purpose robot assistants than humanoid shaped Mini-Me's. Of course it will be great to have humanoid companions, teachers, and friends, but they are likely to be in the minority, perhaps limited to only the very rich, or the extremely needy.


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