Very Fast Line-Follower Robot From Turkey With PID (Video)

Since I lived outside the United States for over 20 years now, I really shouldn't be very surprised that robotics, especially robotics education and research, is truly international. It's not that unusual to see high performance robots on display from leading institutions in Japan, the United States, the UK, Germany, and France. But, there's also a tremendous amount of interesting work being done in other locations around the globe. And, robot competitions are being staged in the hundreds of countries over the world.

For example, Mert Öztoprak at Ankara University, Electronics Engineering, just send in this video featuring a very fast line follower robot with PID that he is preparing for some upcoming 2011 competitions:

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  1. bugsinsane

    nice robot..
    which motor u use?
    how about with the voltage?
    thanks for the answer.

  2. nima asghari

    hello,dear friend.
    i would come to turkey for my bachelor,and robotics is what i prefer,at the moment i live in iran,any help about germany and tyrkey robotics education granted,thx


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