RoboTech 2010 Overview (Video)

Catching up on video footage I took over the summer that has been gathering dust. Here's a quick look at some of the robots on display at RoboTech 2010 held at the Big Sight convention center here.

1) AC servo motor and actuators developed by Muscle Corporation:

2) A close-up view of the Paro robot seal that's used for therapy in clinics, hospitals and care facilities. The robots actions, and reactions to stimulus, are surprisingly realistic. It's easy to understand when you pet one or hold it in your lap why it has been so successful in bonding with patients and establishing a position of trust among patients.

3) A general overview of robots on display, many of which have been seen before but are always great to observe again:

4) Amazingly small nano-motors and actuators that are used in tiny optical devices, lenses, and other mechanisms. It's hard to grasp how things this small can operate so well and so reliably:

5) The Stanford Research Institute electro-adhesive robots that are capable of climbing vertical surfaces including things as smooth as glass or as rough as concrete block walls:

Compared to other robot exhibitions, like IREX, RoboTech is quite small and not as well attended. The good point is that since the aisle's aren't packed with curiousity seekers you can spend a lot more quality time talking to the robot companies and often the developers themselves.


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