ROBO-ONE Humanoid Helper Robot Project: THKR-4 Parties! (Video)

THKR-4 may look more 'robotic' than some of the other entries in the ROBO-ONE Humanoid Helper Robot Project, but that doesn't detract a whit from it's ability to perform useful domestic tasks like greeting guests, opening the refrigerator, serving drinks, popping party poppers to celebrate, and giving a shoulder massage:

The surprising thing about THKR-4 is that it was built completely from off-the-shelf parts with very little modification. It's evolved quite a bit over the past 18 months or so as the robot's developer accumulated valuable knowledge and experience from events like this as well as real world trial runs.

Here's longer close-up view of THKR-4's full demonstration seen from the ROBO-ONE audience projector screen thanks to andonoblog:

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One comment

  1. Lovely demonstration by the THKR-4!

    For a moment there, I was afraid the robot would let go of the bottle.

    I’d love to have someone at home to serve me drinks!


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