Open Platform Humanoid Robot DARwin-OP Debuts (Video)

The DARwin-OP open-source humanoid robot platform has created a lot of buzz recently with detailed images of the bot being “discovered” and tremendous interest on robot and technology websites. Everyone's been excitedly waiting to see DARwin-OP in action.

On Monday, at 2010 IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robotics in Nashville, the covers were officially pulled off the robot. From the initial reports, the robot certainly appears to be everything builders have expected, and even more. “This Bot Is Hot!”

Check out these two initial videos posted by Norri Kageki of GetRobo:

DARwin-OP is actually tracking the ball in real time. Notice how quickly he picks up on the ball location and adjusts his movements. This wasn't shot in a controlled environment, it was just in the conference hall under available light conditions, which makes it even more impressive. Typically vision systems like this have difficulty with lighting, and the processing software can have noticeable time lags and hesitation. Yet this implementation is surprisingly smooth.

Again, impressive performance by the robot. It's ability to quickly recover from a fall, right itself, and get back into play is very advanced. Still, I'm a little put off by the human kicking the robot with his foot... Perhaps that's a cultural issue.


3 thoughts on “Open Platform Humanoid Robot DARwin-OP Debuts (Video)

  1. This is just the teaser demos! We will demonstrate even more impressive things tomorrow at the DARwIn-OP workshop and reveal all the info including the “openness” of HW & SW, cost, availability, etc. Stay tuned…

  2. Wow… I’m a little intimidated by its abilities. Powerful little fella’, isn’t it?

  3. Amazing for a little guy.
    How much is he going to be sold for?
    How much brain power can fit in such a small robot? I could see him becomming a favorite in everything done with humanoids.

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