Onimaru-5 in training for ROBO-ONE 19 (Video)

The Spring ROBO-ONE competition will be here before you know it. It's hard to believe that the upcoming event will be the 19th ROBO-ONE. It's scheduled for March 19th  and 20th, in Kawasaki, and this time the format has changed slightly.

On the first day, in lieu of the more traditional, and time consuming, 2 minute autonomous demonstrations, the organizers have decided to substitute a simple 9 meter foot race. Robots that veer off course, or take longer than 1 minute to finish, will be automatically disqualified. The fastest 32 robots, including the winners in today's Lightweight Division footrace, will come back on the second day of the competition to battle in the ring.

One robot that we think stands an outstanding chance of qualifiing is Onimaru-5. Onimaru, developed by Yamaguchi-san in Kochi features champion class performance, though he has experienced some bad luck during qualifying rounds for the past few ROBO-ONE competitions. This time around, since the qualification is based purely on running ability and speed, he has a much better shot at making it into the top 32 robots. Here's a look at his most recent performance:


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