Limited Edition Kondo BLACK KHR-3HV Humanoid Robot (Video)

Kondo just announced a special Limited Edition Black KHR-3HV humanoid robot that looks really striking.


Functionally the Black KHR-3HV is identical with the stock model, but for the Limited Edition Black model all the aluminum frame pieces have been anodized black, and all the plastic body parts were replaced with black equivalents.


Availability in Japan is scheduled for Thursday, December 16, 2010 at a suggested list price of 114,000 yen (plus tax). Robot fans that want to purchase the Limited Edition outside of the country should check with a Kondo overseas distributor, like Robosavvy, to confirm availability.


The company will also release the set of black plastic KHR-3HV parts for sale at the same time with a list price of 4,500 yen. Note: the plastic parts kit doesn't not include any of the aluminum frames.



2 thoughts on “Limited Edition Kondo BLACK KHR-3HV Humanoid Robot (Video)

  1. yes, the English Version is ready. Is not included in the box but RoboSavvy provides the English manual for users that bought it.

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