Kondo Land Robot Steeplechase Debuts (Video)

We weren't exactly sure how a robot steeplechase or obstacle course done purely for the fun of it would turn out, but yesterday's Kondo Land competition was a total blast. There were 10 entries, not bad for the first time the event was staged, and they all did quite well at navigating the hazards, even though none of them managed to completely finish the total course within the short three minute time limit.

Here's “Isoko Rescue” turning in the best performance of the day:

The course included some really tough hazards including the initial tilting platform; a Magic Wall with moving blocks; the Motor House where the operator couldn't see the robot directly; a Wobbly Bridge that immediately tilted when a robot made any unbalanced move at all; steeply sloped ramps; and the Reverse Street treadmill that managed to defeat even the best contestants.

Kondo plans to make this competition a regular addition to the line-up of robot competitions sponsored by the company. The next Kondo Land is planned for sometime in March with the exact date to be announced later.


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