Kleekbots – Control Lego Mindstorms Robots with the iPhone (Video)

Wouldn't it be cool to be able to control your LEGO Mindstorms robot creations using the iPhone, from across the room, or across the planet, and to see what the robot sees?

Kleekbots is scheduled to release their implementation as a commercially available product early in 2011. The product plans include one-click sharing, free robot build instructions, live video streaming, and it works on the desktop as well. You can sign up to be updated with the latest release schedules and information via their website.


3 thoughts on “Kleekbots – Control Lego Mindstorms Robots with the iPhone (Video)

    Don’t know if it’s their fault if my NXT robot won’t work right now (evil clicking sound of death) but the program they make you download won’t work and they don’t explain how you’re supposed to make it work on your Iphone : “no app requiered” they say, then how do you do it ?
    They said “any phone with modern browser, okay let’s try their URL, what next ?

    I realy love the idea so I’m realy disapointed it doesen’t work for me at least and now i’m stuck trying to update my firmware on my NXT


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