DeAgostini Japan Marketing RoboXero Humanoid Robot

DeAgostini's Japan operation plans to release the RoboXero humanoid robot starting in February, 2010.


DeAgostini is well known for their unique marketing strategy of dividing popular items into multiple issues, packaging them in a glossy magazine format along with supporting instructions, photos, and background material, then selling each "issue" through local book and department store chains here.

Purchasing each issue at a low price - typically under $20/issue - is attractive to those that can't afford the high price they would have to pay buying the complete robot kit all at once. It's also a good strategy to attract parents and grandparents interested in buying a gift that will contribute to their young student's education. Of course, when all is said and done, they end up paying much more for the completed robot. But the important thing is getting into the game.

Readers that follow humanoid robotics will recognize that RoboXero is a repackaged Jo-Zero robot developed by Himeji Soft Works. Jo-Zero performance is everything you would expect from a ROBO-ONE champion class designer. Earlier DeAgostini robot products included My Robot and a version of the Robonova-1 humanoid.


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