All Japan Robotracer Robot Competition 2010 (Video)

Speed, precision, control, and memory size turned out to be the key parameters for the 2010 All Japan Robotracer robot competition. The first three parameters weren't a big surprise. The competition rewards designs that push the limits of speed while being able to maneuver the course without error or the slightest drift. The fourth parameter, memory size, was a surprise to many competitors however. This year's Robotracer robot final course included so many features that several of the competitors ran out of feature memory before they could safely complete their runs.

Here's what one of the successful competitors looked like:

Unlike the Micromouse robot competitions, the Robotracer rules specifically disallow the use of any suction mechanism, like venturi fans, that would increase ground contact force and traction.


2 thoughts on “All Japan Robotracer Robot Competition 2010 (Video)

  1. I wonder how it knows to slow down in time for the curves/corners and just enough to make sure it doesn’t fly off the line. That’s some nice programming there.

  2. Jim: They are allowed a total of 3 minutes, and can make a maximum of 3 runs in that time. The robot has to pause for a minimum of two seconds in the start/finish zone. The best strategy seems to be to have the robot make an initial slow run memorizing the track features. Then make a speed run that you know it can succeed at. Then finally to have it run as fast as reasonably possible hoping that it will finish OK.

    The track feature memory allocation was one area where some of the contestants screwed up on this time. They hadn’t dimensioned their feature memory matrix large enough to hold all the features the judges threw at them.

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