23rd KondoCup Robot Soccer Competition (Video)

It's hard to believe that time has zipped by so fast. This weekend the 23rd  KondoCup Robot Soccer competition was held at RoboSpot in Akihabara. The competition is divided into two classifications, KHR Class and OPEN Class.

The KHR Class is restricted to robots based on standard Kondo platforms like the KHR-2HV or KHR-3HV. Players make some modifications, like adding their own body shells, but the robots have to be stock configurations as far as the frames, servos, and controllers. The KHR Class playoffs took place on Saturday:

The OPEN Class is much freer, as you can see from the view below. Players still have to use Kondo components, typically servos and controllers. But they have a free hand with the overall design, number of degrees of freedom, body frames, etc. The result is typically a much more dynamic and exciting game. The OPEN Class matches were staged on Sunday:


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