2010 Robot Sumo Finals (Video)

Robot Sumo, the way it's played in most countries, tends to be rather slow and can even be a bit boring. But here in the land of it's origin the sport is lightening fast, powerful, and is anything but boring. This past Sunday the All Japan Robot Sumo finals were held at Ryogoku, the home of human sumo competitions. Here are a couple of the competitions.

Autonomous operation:

Radio Control:

The competition entries are usually split about 50/50 between autonomous operation and radio controlled robots. And, it's a little misleading to think of the R/C robots in the same way you would think of an R/C car or plane. These robots move so fast and pack so much punch that the human operator's responses would never be able to keep up.

The secret is that they build a lot of autonomous functionality into the R/C robots as well. The operator can give the command to attack, but the actual engagement and high speed opponent tracking, is built into the robots.

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2 thoughts on “2010 Robot Sumo Finals (Video)

  1. its kind of hard to find information about the construction of this robots, my team and I usually loose at EUA because in mexico Magnets are not allowed since the dojho is made of wood… we spend like 500usd in motors batteries and controllers, and when I saw in a news that they spend over 4k dollars I was wondering what they buy??? :S

  2. The top competition robots – which is typically what you see in the videos – usually design their own controllers based on available boards though a lot of them will design a new controller, layout the pc board, and build everything custom. In terms of motors, the top Japanese teams, even those from technical high schools, almost always buy the best Maxon motors they can find.

    That being said, there are teams and builders here that can’t afford the “best”, and build their robots from whatever they can manage. The important thing is the learning and experience.

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