2000 Year Old Computer Replicated Using LEGOs (Video)

Although many people automatically think of LEGO's as children's toys, they are actually a great tool for prototyping designs and even replicating mechanisms that would be difficult, and quite expensive, using other methods.

For example, when Jin Sato fell in love with Sony's AIBO robot dog but couldn't afford to buy one, he recreated the robot using LEGO Mindstorms, and dubbed his robo-canine creation “MIBO”.

Now a journalist (Adam Rutherford) and a designer (Andrew Carol) came up with the idea using LEGOs to recreate the world's oldest known computer, the Antikythera mechanism that is believed to date back to 150 BC, over 2000 years ago.

And, while we're at it, here's Jin Sato's MIBO robot dog celebrating it's 6th  birthday:


One thought on “2000 Year Old Computer Replicated Using LEGOs (Video)

  1. They try to make the math of the gears look simple but … whoa! Heavy!

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