Taylor's Humanoid Robot Gets A Grip (Video)

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Taylor Veltrop has been doing some surprisingly advanced work in humanoid robotics, including integrating vision systems and artificial intelligence (more on that later). Although his robot can currently sense the world around it, see objects in 3D, and move around on its own, it lacked one critical capability that kept it from interacting with the world. It didn't have any hands.

So, we decided to help him fix that. Searching through the Robots Dreams Lab, we came up with a spare set of custom grippers designed by Matt Bauer, the creator of Rook's Pawn, a RoboGames humanoid robot champion. Matt used to sell the grippers for use with the Robonova-1 robots, but he did make a few larger sets for the Kondo based MANOI AT-01 humanoids. His robot business is currently dormant, but he can be reached here.

Taylor was quickly able to adapt the grippers to his robot, and we're looking forward to seeing it in action during one of the competitions here soon. To give him a little inspiration, here's a glimpse at what Matt's original Robonova-1 robot was able to accomplish with a set of the grippers:


One thought on “Taylor's Humanoid Robot Gets A Grip (Video)

  1. Neat-o Taylor! So glad they were able to be put to good use :^) I look forward to seeing your robot in action.

    Ha-ha, thanks for the B&B plug Lem!

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