NAO Humanoid Robot Developer Program by Invitation Only

Aldebaran Robotics, world famous for the NAO humanoid robot, has opened their NAO Developer Program and is looking for the worlds best developers to become insiders in this exciting new robotics community. Participation is by 'invitation only' via developer members that include the top online robot blogs and forums selected by the Aldebaran management.

Robots Dreams has three NAO Developer Program Invitations to hand out (see below). This is a rare opportunity, not to be taken lightly. Please make sure that you are familiar with the program requirements, commitments, and opportunities before contacting us for one of the invitations.

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According to the official NAO Developer Program posting, Aldebaran is looking for participants that fit the following profile:

  • Participate in a privileged international community of pioneer developers!
  • Each candidate must pass a programming test to ensure the highest level of skills.
  • Only 200 of the best developers from around the world will be selected to participate.
    • The “Happy Few” Developer Program members:
      have excellent programming skills
      are motivated by creativity
      are visionary
      are entrepreneurs
      enjoy challenges
  • The NAO Developer Program relies on a collaborative effort:
  • Together with Aldebaran Robotics you will develop your NAO’s personality and behaviors.
  • Exchange developments with the community!
  • Share developments that are integrated into NAO through behavior channels by theme (examples include entertainment, gaming, humor,…you can even create your own channels by personality style).
  • Sell your behavior applications to Aldebaran Robotics clients using the online NaoStore!

What will you receive and what are the benefits?

  1. Access to the latest developments and innovations in humanoid robotics technology as it is advanced by the community. Access to the code, SDK, dedicated website, and prototypes from Aldebaran Robotics.
  2. A NAO robot. Keep in mind that NAO isn't available to the general public, but that is a stated goal of the company, so this is a chance to be a part of that exciting initiative.
  3. The complete suite of software specifically designed for NAO development including NaoQi, Choregraphe, SDK, high level modules and low level access to NAO's sensors and actuators, Telepathe (collects data from NAO's sensors), and NAOsim (3D simulator).
  4. Access to the NAO Developer Program website supporting the international community of 200 top developers that qualify for the program including code versioning tools, wiki, bug tracker, collaborative workspace, data repository, and more.
  5. Privileged access to important Aldebaran Robotics source code.
  6. Early access to the NAOstore to share and sell applications to other developers and customers.

As we mentioned above, this is a fantastic opportunity, and involves a serious commitment. In order to participate you need to get an invitation from a developer member, like Robots Dreams, pass pre-screening by Aldebaran Robotics, and there is a program fee of 3600 Euros entry fee that includes the robot and all the other material and support defined by the program.

If you're up to the challege, and want to be a part of this exciting select community, contact us at Robots Dreams NAO Developer Program Invitation.


One thought on “NAO Humanoid Robot Developer Program by Invitation Only

  1. Je suis enseignant spécialisé (bientôt à la retraite (j’ai 57 ans) donc je vais avoir du temps. J’ai fait toute ma carrière dans l’enfance inadaptée et je me suis intéressé aux TICE (Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication pour l’Enseignement) comme moyen de compensation du handicap.
    j’imagine tout ce que NAO peut apporter aux petits autistes…
    Je suis devenu un spécialiste des TBI (Tableaux Blancs Interactifs) connecter NAO a un TBI imaginer de nouveaux usages au services d’enfants porteurs de handicap…
    Si je peux rejoindre une équipe de recherche ce serait volontiers

    Pierre MIMRAN

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