Dekinnoka! 7 Robot Pro Wrestling (Video)

Did we have fun at Dekinnoka! 7 Robot Pro Wrestling yesterday?

In a word, yes!

It was one of the best, most fun, most enthusiastic, and most over the top robot events we've ever experienced. An absolute blast!

Check out our Dekinnoka! 7 photoset for a more relaxed, close-up look at the action.  


One thought on “Dekinnoka! 7 Robot Pro Wrestling (Video)

  1. Extremely Coool!
    Your video makes my fantastic and unforgettable one day of Dekkinnoka! 7 better much more!
    It was the nice world debut of laser-basis 3D-printed masked wrestler “Wit-laser (Wit=White in Dutch)” from Belgium also.
    I hope you allow to introduce your video on my blog.
    Your video proves as well that not only players but also many of audiences, especially kids, had a lot of fun!
    Do not miss Dekinnnoka! 8, everyone!

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