University of Tokyo Selects Aldebaran NAO Robot

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Aldebaran Robotics Launches Educational Partnership with the University of Tokyo

Renowned robotics professor Yoshiko Nakamura chooses NAO humanoid robots for research and education

(October 14, 2010, TOKYO) Aldebaran Robotics, the world-leading French humanoid robotics company, held a press conference with Japanese journalists at the French Embassy in Tokyo to officially launch its “Educational Partnership Program,” a marketing initiative to support academic partners‟ educational projects with NAO. Professor Yoshiko Nakamura at the Department of Mechano-Informatics of the University of Tokyo will use 30 NAO humanoid robots to teach computer science courses starting in the winter of 2010.

The Aldebaran Robotics Educational Partnership Program was created to encourage universities and schools to provide classes with robots and ultimately help Aldebaran Robotics‟ academic partners to lead innovative and ambitious projects in robot development and educate science and engineering students by using NAO as an easy-to-use, fun and innovative teaching tool.

“NAO is a fine educational robot with many input/output peripherals and an open software program,” stated Professor Nakamura on his blog “In the 2010 winter semester, Professor Wataru Takano and I open a seminar on „About Beauty of Posture and Motion Programmed in Humanoid Robots‟ and we plan to organize it with Professor Satoru Kitago and his students at the Tokyo University of the Arts. It is going to be fun.” he went on to write.

“This decision by Professor Nakamura to use NAO to teach computer science to students at Tokyo University shows the promise for the future of our Educational Partnership Program,” said Bruno Maisonnier, the founder and CEO of the Aldebaran Robotics. “We believe that the Educational Partnership Program will play a significant role in motivating our academic partners throughout Japan.” added Bruno Maisonnier.


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