UncleBot’s Humanoid Robot Walking Tutorial (Video)

To say that Robert Lam has a talent for humanoid robots would be a gross understatement. Not only does he build robots, he also blogs under the nickname “UncleBot” about what he discovers to help others, and he even creates tutorial videos to share his know-how. 

Robert recently modified a Bioloid Premium Robot kit to give it proportions closer to the classic Kondo KHR series. Of course that mean that all the existing walking motion sequences had to be tweaked, modified, or completely recreated from scratch. Here's his latest tutorial on creating walking motions for humanoid robots:

We're guessing that it won't be very long before we see a completely custom humanoid robot, designed from the ground up, walking proudly out of Robert's workshop. It's the natural next step.

Via: Trossen Robotics blog


8 thoughts on “UncleBot’s Humanoid Robot Walking Tutorial (Video)

  1. Now I’m going to start paying attention to how I walk to see if that’s actually how it’s done when a human walks.

  2. Jim,
    It’s basically the ZMP technique for humanoid robot walking. You can learn a lot by observing human walking, of course, but finally the objective is to optimize the robot’s walking ability and stability which has to be accomplished using about 90% fewer DOF.

  3. @Jim, I remember watching a video on Ted talks about human walk gaits. From what I understood we are actually always in a falling motion and we swing our legs forward in front of us to catch our fall then we starting falling again and swing the other leg forward to catch the next fall.

    The video is awesome Robert! Its great how you break down the steps and show them in real time. You’ve given me a spark of inspiration! 😀

  4. i like your robot
    what kind of servos you used to build this robot?

  5. What software do you used and what hardware
    if you dont mind to share.

  6. Dear Jim,
    Now a days I’m making a humanoid robot. It was on wheels but few days back I changed it to walk and facing problem, while balancing it. Please suggest me the way by which it can be balanced and move forward.


    1. That relies on multiple attributes. To answer your question, you must answer the following:
      How much does the top weigh?
      How fast do you want it to move?
      Do you only want it moving forward?
      After you answer those it’s simple, a few sensors. A bit of logic. And minimal code. You should have it done in about a week!

  7. hii,

    i got a similar bot and i am trying to generate walk pattern mathematically. i am facing singularity problem. how did you design your walk pattern. your advice will be really valuable.

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