Two more reasons to be at Dekinnoka 7! robot Pro wrestling (Video)

Robot Pro wrestling excitement is building

If we didn't already have enough reasons to make sure that we're excited about next Wednesday's Dekinnoka! 7 Robot Pro -- Wrestling competition, this morning's e-mail delivered two more.

First, the Roboenta “Robot Entertainment” YouTube channel posted a entertaining, and funny, promotional video for the event:

Then, our friends over at imaterialise also posted a video, apparently taken during yesterday's practice session, that gives a brief glimpse of one of the humanoid robot wrestlers decked out with custom-designed 3-D printed body parts:

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One comment

  1. Thank you for your posting! I am hoping many people, include you of course, will come and see Wit-laser and me at Dekinnoka! 7 on Nov 3rd!


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