Trossen Robotics Rushing To Finish New Humanoid Robots For The Korean Competition (Video)

Trossen robotics

The time pressure in Chicago must be unbelievable right now for Andrew and the Trossen Robotics team. Not only are they actively participating in the robot portion of the iHobby show taking place this weekend, they are they're one of the key supporters and competitors in the Chibots competition, and -- get this -- in less than 30 hours they have to pack everything up, get on a plane, travel to the other side of the world, deal with the jet lag, set up their robots, and be ready to go head to head against the best Korean humanoid robot builders the world has ever seen.

But Matt and Andrew have never been ones to let a little challenge slow them down. They're working around the clock to make sure that everything is ready. And, when they hit the ground in Seoul in a few days their luggage will include some brand-new humanoid robot designs that are sure to impress their Korean counterparts.

One of the most interesting, and potentially best-selling, new robot kits that will be put to the test is a 2 kg humanoid equipped with 16 degrees of freedom using Robotis RX-24F servos. As you can see from the video below, this puppy is going to give the native Robotis Bioloid humanoids a lot of heartburn.

The robot is certainly fast, powerful, responsive, and light on its feet, while demonstrating surprising balance and stability. It certainly has the potential to score well and hold its own in the competitive arena next week. But, as we all know, technical performance isn't everything. It's eventual placing in the rankings, and whether or it can bring home the bacon are not, will be up to the skills, awareness, and passion to win exhibited by its pilot.

It's going to be fun!


3 thoughts on “Trossen Robotics Rushing To Finish New Humanoid Robots For The Korean Competition (Video)

  1. All these competitions are built (pun slightly intended) around remote controlled robotics. Are there any competitions that have humanoid autonomous bots using just AI battling it out? It’s one thing to use a remote controll to have your bot push another one over in a small competitive ring, but another thing to have autonomous software making the bots battle it out. Maybe we’re not there yet (technology wise)?

    I have to admit, that bot is impressive looking with its quick movements and slick/sleek looks. It would be even cooler if it was controlled with a million lines of AI code where you swear it ‘looked’ right at you.

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