Sexy Robot Halloween Costume Contest


Gizmodo is running a sexy robot costume contest for Halloween. The basic concept is that readers will create costumes using a robot theme trying to be as sexy as possible, then post photos of themselves wearing their costumes on the Gizmodo Facebook page or e-mail them into the website.

So what's the big prize? Well, this is the age of crowd sourcing. So, the popular technology and gadget website is going to reward the lucky winner with a huge dose of Fame! And, a pizza. Contest entries have to be submitted by October 27, we believe so the website can use them as holiday promotion to generate buzz.

What we would really, really like to see are the submissions that turn out to be too hot, or to X-rated for them to be shared online. Sounds like a whole lot of fun for readers, and even more fun and excitement for the editorial staff judges.


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