Is a Slot Machine a Robot? (Video)

Today's pressing question is "Is a slot machine a robot?"

It has gears, lights, motors, and electronic brain, and sometimes it takes on a mind of its own. Yet, we are sure that some people would quibble over whether a slot machine could be classified as a true robot.

But, for the guys at NYC Resistor, whose slogan is "We learn, share, and make things", academic arguments don't hold any relevance and never stand in the way of creatively having a ball.

Watch as they take on the challenge of creating the ultimate robotic mash-up: A 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' themed bar bot with spinning wheels, flashing lights, building tension, stomach twisting concoctions, and even a running commentary.

And, some photos of the awesome robot contraption taken during our September trek to the NYC Resistor lair in Brooklyn:

bar robot



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