HRP-4C Transforms Into Sexy Robot J-Pops Singer (Video)

HRP-4C, the female humanoid robot created by Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, put on a strikingly realistic performance at the Digital Content Expo 2010, held in Tokyo this weekend.

The robot has impressed, or for some "startled", audiences with its ability to walk, move, gesture, and most recently mimic human performers with its voice and facial expressions. Today's performance raised the bar even higher. HRP-4C put on a dress and microphone, and proceeded to lead an attractive, almost sexy, J-Pops music group.

The reason I qualified my comment by saying "almost sexy" was that I am definitely a “leg-man”, and the robots mechanical legs and large clod hoppers were a big turnoff. Nevertheless, the performance was excellent and clearly demonstrates what can be accomplished with technology available today. One has to wonder what advances are already waiting in the wings.

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