Diary of a Mad Roboticist (Video)

With the clock ticking, and less than 72 hours left before they have to get on their plane to Korea, Andrew and Matt decided to tear down one of their humanoids, change their strategy, build a new lightweight design, and create all the motions.

It might seem a little bit crazy, especially to those of us who are used to spending a week or more just creating a simple walking sequence, but for this gang of mad roboticists at Trossen Robotics, it's all par for the course. Once they hit the ground in Korea they'll be facing what has to be some of the toughest humanoid robot competitors in the world. And, it appears that this time they are likely to be the only team representing the skill, power, and winning spirit that the US is known for worldwide.

They even managed to take a few minutes out of their extremely hectic schedule and created this behind-the-scenes video to let all of their fans get a glimpse of what it's all about:


4 thoughts on “Diary of a Mad Roboticist (Video)

  1. Awsome video. However, watch those comments about clown shoes.

  2. Rebuild & program in < 72 hours? Ambitious! I can feel the stress you’re under… been there :^D At least you have more than one bot entered – in case one acts up. I look forward to seeing your vids here on Robots-Dreams… Good luck guys! Have fun and be safe.

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