Daft Punk ' Tron Legacy' Trailer Sells Us on the Movie (Video)

As much as I like the original movie, I've been kind of on the fence about whether or not to rush out and see "Tron Legacy” the moment it hits theaters here. The trailers I've seen so far are interesting, but haven't really come across as compelling, and they gave me the impression the new movie would be pretty much a rehash of the original. Perhaps my opinion would've been different if I'd been able to see the trailers in 3-D in a movie theater rather than in a small window on my PC...

But, my opinion changed completely this morning when I ran across the new Daft Punk ' Tron Legacy' soundtrack trailer:

Although it doesn't add anything to the movie plot line, or introduce very much that I didn't already know about the movie, the way this trailer is structured, the way the tension builds, the selection and nesting of the clips from the movie, and the Daft Punk soundtrack is totally awesome. I am impressed.

Surprisingly enough, there are no active IMAX theaters in Tokyo. There's one in Saitama, and another one down in Kawasaki. Getting to either one of them involves about an hour and a half trek one way, so the movie has to be very unique to get me on the train. Based on this trailer, I'll be reserving tickets the moment they're available online for purchase.


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