Still our favorite humanoid robot…

dynamizer robo-one champion robot

Hobby level humanoid robots have come a long, long way in the past six or seven years. The advances have been pretty amazing, to the point that it has become relatively easy to buy a robot kit that will deliver walking stability and performance that the early builders could hardly imagine.

Yet, one design, the original Dynamizer humanoid robot and ROBO-ONE champion designed by Tomio Sugiura, still stands head and shoulders above any other we've seen. Sure, Dynamizer's technical performance was great, but more important it had tremendous character and personality. Even standing still, Dynamizer seemed to be a little cocky and self assured, just waiting to ace the next challenge or win his next bout.


2 thoughts on “Still our favorite humanoid robot…

  1. I had a talk with Sugiura-san last week and Dynamizer was one of topics. His concept for robot building is very clear and unchanged, like as “Be safe even for kids”, hence he still keeps on using plastics for the frames of Dynamizer since the first edition. I have a sympathy with his concept, then I still hope to “commodify” 3D-printing for robot frames and suits to enable everyone to enjoy robot building and playing freely more than now.

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