Robosavvy Giving Away OLLO Educational Robot Kit

Robosavvy, one of the oldest and most well known robot forums and online store, is giving away a brand new Robotis OLLO Explorer kit. To enter visit Robosavvy, create a free user account (if you don't already have one), then go to the OLLO Robot Kit Give Away post in the forum, read the instructions, and describe how you would put the kit to good use.

Here are the official rules:
It's not Christmas yet but we are giving away an OLLO explorer kit for free (you'll have to pay for shipping). A lucky person will introduce OLLO to equivalently lucky kids and blog the whole process with pictures and videos. If you want to introduce your kids to Korea's answer to the LEGO monopoly, this is the opportunity.

To receive the OLLO explorer, please post here why you would like to receive it for free, how you plan to use it (weekend with kids, classroom, Lego club..) and how you plan to blog the process so that everyone will see how wonderful OLLO really is. please post your ideas and questions on this tread.

Good luck, and good robotting!


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