WowWee Set to Release New RoboScooper Robot Toy (Video)

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Robert Oshler, the founding father of, just sent us a heads-up on the newest WowWee robot, the RoboScooper.


“We’ve been wondering for a while if WowWee had given up on the toy robotics market, especially since they haven’t made any new product announcement for quite a while.

So it was quite a pleasant surprise to hear that they just added a new multi-wheeled robot with hands, named the RoboScooper to their website.

There isn’t much detail available yet. Just a few artist conception type sketches and a few comments on the website.

Mobile Photo Jul 31, 2010 23 49 54

Still this new robot looks very promising. It’s mobility platform appears to scoot around on six wheels with the two centrally placed wheels having a larger diameter. Perhaps these are the main drive wheels.

The robots two hands extend quite a ways in front of the robots body. The hands apparently move horizontally to grasp objects, like a small box, and we’re guessing from the drawings that the robots body will rotate 180 degrees to drop the object in the robots built-in bed.

According to the RoboScooper webpage, there are both autonomous and remote control modes. And, like all WowWee robots, we can expect RoboScooper to perform lots of crazy antics while making funny comments.
The RoboScooper webpage also highlights the fact that the robot will be able to detect objects and to avoid obstacles.

Over all it appears to be a neat addition to the WowWee product line, and just in time for the holiday gift buying season.

As of July 31st, there was no announced pricing for the robot, and it hadn’t appeared on any online shopping sites, like Amazon, quite yet. Availability is expected to be late August.

Do we want one? You bet!”

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One thought on “WowWee Set to Release New RoboScooper Robot Toy (Video)

  1. So adorable!! Kids love toys that can pick things up… almost as much as grandma!

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