Robot Survival Game – An Exciting New Robot Sport (Video)

Mobile Photo Jul 20, 2010 2 39 40

Today was a national holiday here, but the robot builders didn't even consider taking the day off. They all gathered, with their multi-legged robots, in Akihabara to play the “Robot Survival Game.”

While the game has some similarity to Mech Warfare, the new Japanese robot game includes several unique variations including team play, flag fight, 1:1 dueling, and even a “destroy the enemy completely” event.

Another interesting twist is the use of light sensitive hit sensors:

Mobile Photo Jul 20, 2010 2 42 39

Light sensors are covered by an aluminum foil cube. Opponents try to shoot holes in the foil. If they poke enough holes, then the light sensor is triggered and the robot being attacked 'dies'.

Here are some of the great event videos posted by Iketomu, one of the top event particpants-

Hit sensor adjustment:

Behind the scenes setup:

Team Game 2 Flag Fight:

Destroy the enemy completely:

Check out Iketomu's Biped Robot News Japan blog post for more details and videos of this exciting new competition.


One thought on “Robot Survival Game – An Exciting New Robot Sport (Video)

  1. I’d love to see these guys show up for Mech Warfare at Robogames 2011! Great stuff.

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