Kondo Sends Out Turtle Robot Press Release (Video)

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Kondo just sent out the official press release for their new ANIMAL series of robot kits. The first robot will be a four legged turtle bot.

Transcript: The new robot has four legs, each with two servos, plus a pannable head, adding up to a total of nine degrees of freedom. The servos are Kondo KRS-4024SHV, and the robot controller is the RCB-3HV. As much as possible, they've stuck with standard KHR robot parts, though the base mounting bracket appears to be a new design.

It may not look pretty, and in fact doesn't even have feet, but that just provides opportunties for customers to add their own creativity and skill.

Kondo is touting the fact that you can add additional functionality using stock servos and brackets. The robot is compatible with the KRC-2AD remote control. In addition to all the parts and software required to construct the robot, Kondo will also provide sample motions.

They're recommending options lke spare batteries, a remote control, and even a screw driver set. Unfortunately if you buy all three the cost is about 50% of the robot kit itself.

List price in Japan will be 39,900 yen, or about $450 US dollars. The kit is schedule to be released for sale on Thursday July 15th here in Japan. No information was available for possible overseas release dates.

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