Gundam at home in Shizuoka

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We saw the full size Gundam model when it was unveiled in Tokyo last summer for the 30th anniversary celebration, so the idea of spend $$$ and considerable time to go see the same statue since it moved down the coast to Shizuoka didn't have much appeal.

But, it turns out that are assumptions were wrong. Although the basic Gundam hyper-model was disassembled, transported (no, it didn't fly itself...), then put back together, there are several major differences/improvements.

The new installation added a beam saber in the robots right hand. The lighting appears to have been improved a lot. That maybe a function of the new location which provides many new opportunities for creative lighting compared to the previous open park setting.

There is also more of an immediate feeling for how large the robot is in comparison with nearby buildings. Since the local area is home to many of the major companies producing plastic models, Gundam's paint scheme has changed to more closely match Gunpla.

We've been told that if you are really, really lucky, on a clear day you can capture a cool photo of Gundam with Mt. Fuji in the background.


One thought on “Gundam at home in Shizuoka

  1. No one told me that the head MOVES! What else can it do?

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