World Record Line Follower Robot Attempt (Video)

World record attempt

Nothing excites kids of all ages more than robots, and when you couple that with the chance to set a new world record, and maybe get into the Guinness Book of World Records, there is bound to be a tremendous turn-out.

Last Saturday, the Kansas City Robotics Society (KCRS) and Science City turned Union Station into what they believe could be the worlds largest line follower robot course. Volunteers marked out a 400+ foot course using 1 inch wide tape. They also tested each robots speed so that they could be arranged on the course at the start with the fastest robots leading, to avoid any unexpected collisions.


Michael Overstreet, an active KCRS member and RoboGames metal winner, was on hand and sent in the following report and videos of the action:

“Date line Kansas City, MO 1pm 6/12/2010:

The idea was simple, set a world record for the number of robots following the same line at the same time.

The idea was hatched by Jeff Rosenblatt director of Science City in Union Station in Kansas City, MO. The idea was supported by all the members of KCRS (Kansas City Robotics Society). Many of whom contributed more than one specially built robot for the record attempt.

Research done by members of KCRS found no Guinness book of World Records entry for any type of line following robots.

After many attempts the two records that will be submitted are as follows: 50 robots for 2 seconds and 15 robots for 1 full minute. I also think that the line following layout must be the largest ever made.

Many thanks should be given to Jeff Rosenblatt and Science City for hosting the event and to all members of KCRS for their hard work in setting up and building robots for the record attempt.”


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