Japanese Robot Builders Learn About RoboGames


Really good session yesterday at RT Corp in Akihabara introducing Japanese robot builders to RoboGames. Originally planned for roughly an hour, we ended up running from about 1:45 pm until 5:00 pm with lots of excitement, interest, and detailed Q&A.

100612 RT Robogames Robot 003

Although they were fascinated, and amazed by the Combat Robots (who wouldn't be?), the most interest was in the humanoid events including Mech Warfare (more on that in a later post).

Without counting ourselves and the RT staff, 15 active Japanese robot builders participated in the afternoon session. There were also a couple robot hobbyists from Spain that joined the group in progress.

100612 RT Robogames Robot 007

We planted the RoboGames seeds, watered them well, and came away with a few homework assignments. With a little luck and encouragement we'll see some strong Japanese competitors at RoboGames 2011 next Spring.

100612 RT Robogames Robot 016

Many thanks to Yuki Nakagawa of RT Corp and her staff, as well as David Calkins and Simone Davolos, the guiding spirits behind RoboGames, for all their help and support.

RoboGames Presentation Photoset on Flickr


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