Is This The Telepresence Droid We've Been Looking For?

Fast Company seems really impressed by the Vgo remote presence robot, and makes some really relevant observations about the current state of the technology and implementation. We have to agree that all the currently available solutions look cosmetically like they were hacked together in an engineering lab, or someone's garage. Vgo is the first offering to look as professional as the business clients that are most likely to become early adopters.

Here's what Fast Company had to say on the topic:

"But where efforts like QB bot have something of the DIY-tech feel to them, Vgo really does seem high-tech (apart from that slightly flimsy wobble caused by his tall, slender profile). We don't know much about the precise tech inside him, but we can guess things like collision sensors, wireless networking, and self-parking-for-charge systems (a lot like a Roomba with a screen and speaker atop it, really). We've contacted Vgo Comms. on this matter, but really the main attractive feature of the bot is his price: $5,000, plus a mandatory $1,200 yearly support deal. Considering QB is scheduled to cost something like $15,000 when it hits the stores this fall, this means Vgo may actually be an affordable option for certain high-tech companies."

This Is the Telepresence Droid You've Been Looking For


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