How to make a robot turn… (Video)


Our human bodies come designed with around 108 degrees of freedom allowing us to move very flexibly. Unfortunately, because of cost, packaging, and complexity issues, the most common humanoid robots on the market today only have 16 to 24 degrees of freedom. That makes it more of a challenge when we want to have our robot execute some simple moves, like turning.

The humanoid's legs can't twist or turn organically. In fact it's often difficult for novice robot builders to get their robot to turn at all. What's the secret?

Thankfully, experienced builders like Robert Lam (robertlam18) from Hong Kong, are more than willing to share their expertise, guidance, and know-how. Robert's a big Robotis Bioloid fan, but many of his techniques apply to other humanoid robot platforms as well.

Here's Robert's explanation showing how to get your biped robot to make quick turns:


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