Hopping, bopping robot! (Video)

Mobile Photo Jun 26, 2010 13 52 47

One of our role models among the ROBO-ONE humanoid robot builders crowd is Iketomu-san. He's quiet, humble, and never boasts or brags, yet he's built some of the most technically interesting robots in the group, and appears to be the only builder regularly competing in full autonomous mode.

So, it was no surprise that he immediately jumped on the multi-legged robot movement gathering considerable steam here. We caught up with Iketomu at the annual GetRobo Forum last week to watch him put his Black Tiger L45 robot through its paces.

Black Tiger L45 has five legs, sixteen degrees of freedom, and includes a dedicated body servo that enables it to flip over if it accidentally lands on its back. All 16 servos are Kondo KRS-4013HV.

Now, if we can only convince him to compete at RoboGames 2011!


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