Getting the robots-eye view (Video)


KCSpacePirates07 was kind enough to send in an interesting video captured from the view point of his son's robot participating in the Great Line Following Event in Kansas City.

Here are his comments:

“KCSpacePirates07 — June 14, 2010 — Here is my son's robots view footage of the Kansas City Robotics Society's Great Line Following Event 2010 at Union Station. We set a world record for the most robots following the same line. In this footage you can't see all the CubScout's bots or the Lego NXT contingent at the far end of the track. There were 50 robots in all. There is something funny about the way the robot bounces back and forth as it goes down the line. This is a Vex squarebot that the camera is riding on. It crashes into Terry's custom line follower with CD wheels. Perhaps I should do a double speed version of it.”


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