Asada Synergistic Intelligence Project Baby Robot Progress (Video)

Looks like the ERATO Research Project group has been making a lot of progress, especially the Asada Synergistic Intelligence Project focused on developing human shaped robots that can communicate complex and a wide variety of movement.

One key objective is to explore motor learning and cognitive development in babies. It's important to understand that the researchers are not trying to develop robots that would replace human babies in any way. Quite the contrary. They hope that by developing robots that can replicate or mimic a human baby's cognitive development process they can discover and validate significant principles that will support similar adaptive learning for future robots that will be able to cooperatively coexist with people in our complex human society.

Here are a couple of videos uploaded by KMoriyama showing the latest project demonstrations in action. The videos were taken earlier this afternoon during a symposium at Tokyo University. First, the “Noby” baby robot:

And, the “M3–Neony” robot:


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