"Top Secret" Makerbot Projects Unveiled (Video)

After our tour of the Makerbot Industries BotCave, we headed upstairs, all four flights of them, to see what was hopping at NYCResistor, the prototypical hackerspace. And, as it turned out, our timing was perfect. The NYCResistor crew was right in the midst of putting a couple of Makerbot 3D printers through their paces testing two new “Top Secret” developments.

The 'conveyor belt' project consists of a mylar strip running over the heated build platform and will enable users to print multiple parts without having to be present to remove printed parts as they are completed. The conveyor ran into some slight problems that particular evening, but that's parr for the course. The test crew immediately started brainstorming ways to fine tune and improve the design.

The second development shown in the video, fluorescent ABS, was surprisingly cool, and we're sure it will be a huge it with users as soon as Makerbot releases it for sale.

Other new projects we saw, but didn't capture on video, included next generation electronics and firmware, and also some new software functionality like temperature profiling.

When will all this cool stuff be available?

Sorry, that's the one thing that we were explicitly told is totally confidential, so we can't say. We could tell you, but then they would have to shoot us.

We are confident, however, that Makerbot is working extremely hard to release reliable, innovative, state-of-the-art options and enhancements like these as soon as possible.


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