Recovering from a whirlwind robot tour

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We got back to Japan last night, unpacked, and hit the sack, totally exhausted from what had to be the most intense, most insightful, most challenging, and most inspiring robot adventure we've ever experienced.

We hit everything from three full days at RoboGames 2010, a specially arranged tour of the Lucas Arts facility at the San Francisco Presidio, visit to the CMU robot labs in Pittsburgh, a Ph.D. thesis defense on creating more socially accepted robots, wine and cheese with some of the top robotics students in the country, building seedbombs at Hack Pittsburgh, playing with the robots at the Carnegie Science Center, seeing the CMU Robot Hall of Fame, inaugurating the new headquarters of New York's finest master toymaker with beer from a robot bartender, getting more than a little crazy with the Dorkbot NYC crowd, meeting the Makerbot gurus - lead by Bre Pettis in their bot cave, being inspired by NYCResistor, two trips to the NYU ITP 2010 Exhibition featuring some very unique art robot creations, a chance encounter with a famous artist that paints robots and has done restoration work at the Vatican, and a really intense session at International Robotics.

Now all I have to do is process the photos, edit the videos, write the background story for each location/event, and put it all up on Robots Dreams to share with all of you.


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