National Institute of Informatics Open House

If you can manage to get by in the Japanese language, and happen to be in Tokyo later this week (June 3/4th), the National Institute of Informatics is opening their doors to the public for what should prove to be a very interesting Open House event.

In addition to the demonstration areas, which are scheduled to show off current projects at the institute, several of the presentations look extremely interesting. 

Two that immediately caught our attention included Hiroshi Ishiguro's keynote address titled “A learning society and the future through human androids”, and Kageura-san presenting on “Technology opens the door for global multi-language translation: Machine translation and human translation or something different?”

There was no mention whether it will be the real Ishiguro delivering the keynote presentation, or one of his famous clones. In any case, the abstract of his presentation states:

“In this lecture, while introducing a series of studies exploring the human android robot, about the relationship between humans and androids in a futuristic society, discussed from the perspective of robotics and philosophy.”


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