You never know what you'll run into at ROBO-ONE :D

During a break at the 17th ROBO-ONE competition, Ishikawa-san excitedly told me that he had a big scoop to share!

Of course, being a little slow to catch on, and forgetting what a joker he can be, I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I really though he was about to give me a sneak peek at a new humanoid, or give me the inside track on a new robot project.

Here's the 'big scoop' he hooked me with:

Turns out he was quick enough on the camera trigger to catch me on my Xootr kick scooter during the recent ROBO-ONE Humanoid Helper Project competitions. 😀

Great fun! Thanks Ishikawa-san! Don't worry, I'll find some way to return the favor...


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