WowWee Rovio Robot Webcam Prices Dropping

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Ollie, the founder and CEO of, pointed out that prices are dropping even further on the popular WowWee Rovio Robot Webcam. It's currently showing up online for $139 or less, and is a real deal if you are in the market for a highly mobile remote presence robot.

That being said, you'll need to take some caution. Some readers have reported that the Rovio application doesn't work with 64-bit Windows systems, and they have had difficulty get a timely response from WowWee on their questions. An alternative support resource is the WowWee user groups over at The site features a wealth of material and information from other users,  many of whom are more than glad to answer your questions, or even assist you in hacking your new bot.


3 thoughts on “WowWee Rovio Robot Webcam Prices Dropping

  1. Yes I bought one of these a year ago. It had wifi problems from day 1, and never really worked well.
    A month ago I opened it up to see if the antenna was perhaps disconnected, and the magic smoke escaped.

    Looking at the circuit board, it is poorly designed on the inside, and seems to have several corrective solder joints. Some parts got hot very fast.

    all in all, the wheels are good, but the rest is so so. Don’t waste your money unless you are buying for parts.

  2. Actually the application runs on the Rovio and you just access it via a web browser, which works on all OSs. It’s the setup program that doesn’t work on 64 bit windows. But you only have to run it once, so just set up the bot for your wifi access point on a non-64bit machine, and then you can access it from any PC.

    BTW, it was available for $99 from Woot a couple weeks ago. I got it then.

  3. I have a 64 bit Windows 7 system. I ran XP inside Virtual Box, and the Rovio still would not setup. This is very frustrating. Any suggestions?

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