The Wonderful Robot Carnival is Back! (Video)

After a long dry spell, we're happy to report that our all time favorite robot competition is back on the calendar, albeit with a few format changes. The 8th Wonderful Robot Carnival is scheduled for Sunday, July 11th at the TEPCO Electric Power Historical Museum near JR Kawasaki Station. 

Here's a video montage of photos we took at the 3rd Wonderful Robot Carnival that should give you a feel for why we love this particular competition so much:


We mentioned that it's been a while since the last competition. The primary reason is the huge amount of labor and time that goes into staging the event. Scheduling it every six months was just too much of a burden on the organizers and the volunteer staff that made it all possible. So the decision finally had to be taken to hold it just once a year during the summer.

The organizers have also decided to pare down the number of challenges slightly by eliminating the robot rumble from the agenda. Of course that won't stop the gung-ho competitors from stating their own impromptu rumbles on the side, or during the "nomunication" (drinking+communication) party that always follows the event. :)

 In addition they are trying to proactively embrace the general guidelines established by the Japan Standard Class Robot Community

"Humanoid robots have evolved rapidly over the past few years. As a result, the threshold for many competitions has become too high for novice tournaments. We want anyone that is even vaguely familiar with humanoid robots to participate and enjoy the competition. So we want to adopt the regulations of the Japan Standard Class Robot Community."



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