Short Break in Pittsburgh

Originally uploaded by Robots-Dreams.

Sorry folks, we took a short break from robots yesterday and went to see some fantastic botanical gardens, grotesque yet humorous gargoyles, butterflies, and historic neighborhoods around Pittsburgh. You can check out our Pittsburgh photoset if that sort of thing turns you on as much as it does us.

Never fear, today's schedule involves a visit to CMU, learning how to make seedbombs at Hack Pittsburgh this evening, and lots of other robot and hackerspace goodness.


2 thoughts on “Short Break in Pittsburgh

  1. Beautiful day in Pittsburgh, Lem! The photos at the Phipps are extraordinary! Dancing ladies in orchids? What a contrast to the gargoyles. Softness and light of the flowers to near frightening figures, or whimsy…. the juxtaposition of good and evil (?)… beauty and demons. For the artist, such as yourself, no doubt unlimited perceptions. Let the imagination soar!

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