Robots Hawking Products in Japanese Convenience Stores (Video)


Robonable shared this video of the Robovie mR2 robot promoting special sales at a convenience store. It's a good example of companies exercising creativity to come up with new applications for our robot friends. At the same time, it may indicate how tough economic times are as companies struggle to find anyway possible to promote the use of their products. Robot companies have been hit particularly hard. 

At the high end, for large companies, robot projects have been thought of as positioning for the future and technology demonstrators. Unfortunately when the economy goes into depression mode companies are forced to cut projects that aren't putting immediate profits on the bottom line, as we saw with Sony and its AIBO and QRIO products.

Companies serving the low end of the price range, typically hobby robot kit makers, are hit even worse as their customers no longer have the disposable income to lavish on their hobbies.


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