RoboGames 2010 Reminder


David Calkins just wrote in with a timely reminder that RoboGames will be here before you know it. We’re happy to see that they are offering special discounts for advanced ticket orders, so be sure to check that out.

David wrote:

“Hey RoboGames Fans, welcome once again to Robot Season!

That's right, RoboGames is only a few weeks away:  April 23-25th.  Don't
forget that the event is no longer in June.  So as  a courtesy to you, the
robot-loving RoboGames devotee, we thought we'd send you a little reminder
that not only can you buy tickets NOW, but you get a special advance ticket
discount if you order them ahead of time.  This years event has been moved
from Ft. Mason to the San Mateo Fairgrounds (same place as MakerFaire) so
take Caltrain to the show or drive and park in the ample parking lot (so
much easier to park than Ft. Mason!)

With only 3 weeks to go, don't delay - buy your tickets now!  Tickets are
$25/adult and $20/child at the door, but you get $5 dollars off each ticket
when you order in advance from our website!

Just some of the things you'll see at this years' event:

* On Sunday the 25th, special guest Grant Imahara of the Mythbusters will
be signing autographs!  Meet the Mythbuster!!!
* Over 400 teams have registered this year, many from new countries!  Don't
miss these new robots.
* The combat robots are still king - with over 100 combots vying for
medals, you're gonna see some great fights!
* Don't miss out on the fire-fighting, maze-solving, or autonomous autos -
There's almost 70 events happening, something for everyone!
* The new venue has it's own restaurant - dine in and enjoy made-to-order
pasta and tasty beer!

Get your tickets now (and save $5) at
Family four packs save you even more money!  Buy 3 tickets, get the fourth
for free!

This year we are jam-packed with sights and sounds in our new location at
the San Mateo County Expo Center.  We're excited to welcome a multitude of
teams from Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, the UK, Palestine, Egypt, Latvia,
Lithuania, and many others, all vying for the coveted Gold, Silver and
Bronze medals awarded for every event!

Whether you like the fast excitement of Robot Sumo, the grace of the
Humanoid challenges, would like to learn about building robots or love the
crashing, smashing action of the fighting robots, there is something for
you at RoboGames! Get something for everyone at our Robot Midway, featuring
Jameco (, Robois (, Diesel
Sweeties (, Evil Mad Science Labs
(, Willow Garage
(,  Lego Education (,
Kowatec (, Champions Science Camps
(, and many more.

Coming in from out-of-town?  Stay at the RoboGames hotel:

If you're planning to go to Maker Faire in May, there will be NO large-
scale robot competition there this year, so don't miss the opportunity to
see the bots in April!  We still love Maker Faire, but there's no big bot
event there this year.”


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