RoboGames 2010: Mech Warfare Totally Rocks! (Video)

Without a doubt, the most exciting, interesting, and innovative development at RoboGames 2010 had to be Mech Warfare in its second incarnation. Mech Warfare made its debut last year at RoboGames 2009, but had a few difficulties getting off the ground, to the point that we were a little skeptical if it would turn into a viable sport.

We shouldn't have been concerned. This time around, Mech Warfare took its place as one of the premiere, not to be missed, RoboGames events and should inspire lots of builders to put together Mechs for the next competition. We'd like to see local events spring up to advance the sport, and of course we really want to see a Japan team enter Mech Warfare at RoboGames 2011 next Spring.

Video courtesy of Visit for more information on Mech Warfare.


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